Rebirth Fitness Warehouse in Melville New York


Lowest Priced Fitness Equipment Retailer in New York INC. is retailer of remanufactured fitness equipment retailing for prices 50% – 70% off. Our technicians purchase equipment that is left to die and remanufacture them to complete working order. Our remanufactured fitness equipment pieces are completely functional and work perfectly like the day they left their original manufacturing line. 

Customer purchase from us because they are looking to save up to 70%. Customers enjoy the value INC. provides. By purchasing our equipment customers are able to work out and save their hard-earned cash for a vacation, house remodeling, car payment, dinner date and more.

<p>Our warehouse is located at 123 High Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860. Our warehouse is over 10,000 square feet and contains thousands of remanufactured equipment pieces. Give us a call and schedule a walkthrough with our manager and we will help you choose a piece that fits your exact needs.</p>

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