5 Reasons to Build a Home Gym Using Rebirth Fitness Guaranteed Low Prices

1. Rebirth Fitness has the lowest prices of any fitness equipment retailer. We are able to offer low prices because we remanufacture existing equipment to produce the highest quality pieces at the lowest prices available. We are able to save our customers 50% - 70% off retail prices.

2. Workout at any time. Build a home gym and you can workout in the comfort and peace of your own fitness center. Save time and energy from traveling to a gym. Choose from fitness pieces you know and trust.

3. Choose from the largest selection in the world. Rebirth Fitness has the largest remanufactured fitness pieces to choose from anywhere in the world. Our customers have no trouble finding the exact pieces they know and trust.

4. Receive 6 Months parts and service warranty on remanufactured equipment. Our remanufactured equpiment is guaranteed to perfom, however in any case your fitness equipment doesn't perform, we will send a service technician to your residence to inspect and fix the gym equipment.

5. Save money for new beach vacation. Rebirth Fitness enables our customers to spend their hard earned dollars on the luxuries life has to offer. By purchasing fitness equipment and building your home gym from us, you save 50% - 70% off retail prices. Our customers typically spend this savings on a new dress or suit, a bathing suit and a vacation to show of their new body.