A Diverse Range of Services to Make Fitness More Affordable for All

Regardless of whether you own a gym, manage a large fitness center, or have a collection of commercial fitness equipment at home, it’s important to know who to call when the time comes to have your machines serviced, repaired, or maintained. Some fitness equipment service companies only specialize in particular brands, while others may have limited experience working on your type of machine, or with a facility of your size. Partnering with a full-service provider can save you time, stress, and considerable amounts of money.

At FitnessPlus.com INC., we’re proud to offer an extensive array of fitness center services to those who manage clubs or work out on commercial-grade equipment at home. Here are just a few of the services we offer to those who choose to have their equipment professionally maintained by a trusted industry leader:

  • Trade-ins on fitness equipment, free weights, and exercise stations
  • A wide range of replacement parts for professional grade gym equipment
  • Expert repairs on many types of popular exercise equipment and stations
  • Affordable equipment rentals for gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs
  • Professional fitness center services, including maintenance, setup, and repairs
  • Professional fitness equipment remanufacturing and refurbishing services

Purchasing new fitness equipment every time something simply goes wrong can be incredibly costly. As many know, the smarter alternative is to work with a company who specializes in all of todays’ most popular brands and equipment types. FitnessPlus.com Inc is one of the industry’s most respected providers of remanufactured exercise equipment, and we’re proud to offer reliable, affordable services for those in need of expert-level repair and maintenance.

FitnessPlus.com INC. is based in New York and offers fast, affordable shipping throughout the entire United States. For more information give us a call at 866-965-4653 or write to us via email by visiting the contact page on our website.

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