Buying Online Used Gym Equipment Supplier to Australia

Australia | Used Gym Equipment for Commercial Health & Fitness Centers

One of the most cited concerns of new commercial gyms from owners is the high cost of equipment. INC. solves this problem by re-building and re-selling used gym equipment to fitness centers around the globe. We have worked with clients in 100 countries over the last 20 years including Australia. Australia has a strong demand for used fitness equipment and we get calls often.

Purchasing used fitness equipment is a strong choice for gym owners looking to save money on gym equipment. Our gym equipment is of top brand name quality including Hammer Strength, Cybex, Nautilus, Life Fitness and more. Buying used equipment from INC. enables our clients to save up to 50% – 70% off. Our technical knowledge, our chain of relationships and our experience of the last 20 years enable us to pass on tremendous savings to our customers.

Buying Used Gym Equipment to Australia from Online Fitness Equipment Supplier

Australia is a wonderful country with many adventurous and healthy individuals. Opening a commercial gym in Australia is a great way to capitalize on working out and fitness. When opening a gym however, cash flow is critical. Most new business fail after their 3rd year. With this in mind, it becomes super important for gym owners to manage their cash. INC. can help our clients save up to 70% off on gym equipment allowing new gyms to spend their cash on hiring employees, new gym upgrades of increased marketing.

There are numerous gym opportunities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. If you are thinking of opening a gym in one of these cities or any city in Australia, give us a call for a free quote. We will take into consideration of your space, budget, and membership needs.

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