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Buy Used Gym Equipment from the US to Argentina

If you ever wondered how, you may save money on your commercial gym, you have come to the right online destination. This is because we are INC. We specialize in rebuilding and reselling used fitness equipment to clients around the world for prices 50% – 70% less than our competitors. We procure unused and unwanted equipment from our suppliers. We then break down the equipment, inspect it, clean it, sand it, polish it and then rebuild it to look and perform like new.

For gyms opening in Argentina, purchasing used gym equipment is an excellent choice. Because positive cash flow is so important and the fact that uncertainties exist in business, saving money is extremely important. When you work with INC., we save you money that you can spend on new employees, facility upgrades and marketing.

Argentina Used Fitness Equipment Packages INC. has been in business for over 20 years. We have served clients in over 100 countries including Argentina. We have worked with clients in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, Mendoza and Tucumán. Argentina is a wonderful country with a population that loves fitness and health. Opening a gym in Argentina can be a positive business venture when you work with us.

Our representatives will work with you to determine the gym package that you need for your members. We will send you proposals and adjust as we need to. Once satisfied we will exchange paperwork and terms, collect payment and then put the equipment into production. Our standard lead time is 2 – 6 weeks for remanufactured equipment but may be longer for certain gym packages.

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