4 Ways to Build a Great Chest

4 Ways to Build A Great Chest

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Build a Bigger Chest Tip #1

For our first tip. FitnessPlus.com INC. recommends that you perform what is known as the “Triple Set Push Up”. It’s when you complete pushups from 3 various angles starting with the most difficult movements first and the easier movements last. To start this exercise, you begin with completing as many reps of pushups as you can with your feet on an elevated surface. Remember to keep good form and technique. Then you lower your feet after each set until your third or fourth set is close to a regular pushup stance. Now work your chest with the maximum number of sets you can complete!

Build a Bigger Chest Tip #2

For our second tip, FitnessPlus.com INC. Recommends that you squeeze your pectorals during pushups to engage as many muscle fibers as possible. For example squeezing dumbbells together through your reps will combing various parts of the muscle motions into one exercise. This will make your pectorals pop. Use a deliberate and slow movement to give your chest an added pump.

Build a Bigger Chest Tip #3

For our third tip, we at FitnessPlus.com INC. will recommend that you extend the range of motion of your chest workout. By placing your hands on two objects such as balls, blocks, dumbbells or steps, your body will travel further into the bottom position of the position. It gives a greater range of motion than if your hands were placed directly on the floor.

Build a Bigger Chest Tip #4

For our fourth and final tip, FitnessPlus.com INC. recommends that you incorporate time-under tension sets which will pump up your pectorals. To complete this movement, one must perform as may regular pushups as they are able. After you rep to exhaustion, extend the set to only completing the lower portion of the movement. Revolve each set with a regular pushup set and an eccentric pushup stance until complete and utter failure. Enjoy the pump!

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