Why buying used fitness equipment is a good decision

5 Reasons to Buy Used Fitness Equipment

Save 50% – 70% off Retail Prices

There is little reason why you need to spend marked up prices for fitness equipment that you can purchase for considerably less. Remanufactured fitness equipment are the exact pieces you want without the retail mark up. Our remanufactured equipment are rebuilt to perform like new. We take in pride in our work to create the highest quality pieces in the industry.

6 Months parts and service warranty

Our remanufactured equipment pieces come with a industry leading 6 months parts and service warranty. If at any point during your first 6 months your remanufactured piece doesn’t perform as advertised, we will arrange to repair your machine. We take great pride in our work and will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Recycle Parts and Equipment

When you purchase a remanufactured unit, you do a huge service to the environment. By purchasing a remanufactured equipment piece, you reduce emmisions and negative environmental impacts during the manufacture on new equipment pieces. We recyle exisiting fitness equpiment and rebuild it and give it new life.

Choose from Quality Brands

FitnessPlus.com Inc sources some of the highest fitness equipment in the industry. We remanufacture brand names that you know and trust. Take a look through our online catalog and you will notice names such as Hammer Strenght, Cybex, BodySolid, Matrix and more. High quality brands remanufacture extremely well and you will notice the difference in longevity.

Buy more than one piece

When buying remanufactured equipment, you will be saving money compared to the purchase of new retail units. With this in mind, you may be willing to purchase multiple units and types of equipment for your specific needs. Buy cardio and strength equipment. Or perhaps you are in the market for squat racks and benches. When saving money, these decisions aren’t difficult because you will be able to afford more..and have a higher overall satisfaction level.

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