Save Money on Dumbbells

Save up to 70% on Dumbbell Brands Inc is leader in remanufactured equipment enabling our customers to save big. We have a number of dumbbells available at discounted prices.

Dumbbell Brands We Carry


Powerblock dumbbells are a popular brand known for their versaility and durability. They have a unique design that sets them apart from other dumbbells and have a center handle that fits inside the weights and wrist support handles.


IronMaster is a very trusted brand that are built with very high quality. These dumbbells don’t have plastic parts that can break which makes them last longer than other brands.


Bowflex dumbbells are a popular choice in adjustable dummbells that use a dial system to change the weights. These are great for facilities or home gyms that have limited space.


Cap Dumbbells are made from cast iron and are very solid. They come in a variety of options such as neoprene, vinyl, contoured and more. Cap dumbbells are made with safety in mind and are comfortable and style.

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