Learn about environment-friendly technologies and what you can do to help the environment.

Energy Saver website - provides information, tips, and advice on saving energy and money.

  • Home Energy Saver - computes a home's energy use online and recommends energy-saving upgrades.
  • Home Energy Audits - helps homeowners determine where their house is losing energy and money.
  • Energy Star - a voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money through energy efficiency.
  • Department of Energy (DOE): Energy Efficiency - works with universities, businesses, and the National Labs to develop energy efficient technologies and increase the efficiency of current technologies on the market.
  • Consumer Information: Saving Energy at Home - provides information on saving energy and energy-efficient products.
  • Energy Efficiency in the Workplace, Commercial Buildings, and Manufacturing Plants

    • Bring Your Green to Work - tools and resources that can help motivate and inspire employees to save energy.
    • Energy Star: Buildings and Plants - works with organizations to help them save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making their buildings and plants more energy efficient.

    Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) - Find programs and policies in your state that support renewable energy and energy efficiency.

  • Department of Energy (DOE): Tax Credits, Rebates, and Savings - Find savings that may be available for you or your business in your state.
  • Offers and Rebates from Energy Star Partners - Search for rebates on certified energy-efficient products and other special offers in your area.
  • Residential Renewal Energy Tax Credit - Qualify for tax credits for buying solar-electric, solar water heaters, wind turbines, geothermal heat pumps, and fuel-cell equipment for your primary residence. The credits have been extended through the end of 2021.
    • The value of the credits for each technology will decrease by a certain percentage each year until they expire.
  • Sales tax holidays - Find out if your state offers a sales tax holiday for buying energy-efficient appliances.
  • Learn more at: USA.GOV