Exercise Equipment Rental: 4 Reasons to Rent from FitnessPlus.com

4 Reasons to Rent Fitness Exercise Equipment from FitnessPlus.com INC.

1) Buying and Selling Fitness Equipment is our business. We know the industry inside and out and have worked with key suppliers for over 20 years. For this reason, we are able to offer highly competitive pricing on exercise equipment rentals to our clients.

2) We are leaders in exercise equipment rentals. For this reason, we are trusted by many top names in the world. Fox News recently contracted us to supply them with a fleet of treadmills for their “Fitness Test Death Risk” segment that aired from Times Square. With millions of spectators, FOX knew they need a company they could rely on and that is why they called us.

3) We have a huge warehouse of fitness equipment that could satisfy every possible need. We consistently move products in and out and in most likelihood have first opportunity at the equipment piece you need and want. Call us today.

4) We have full team dedicated to working with you on your rentals. Our team is highly experienced in this business and will work closely with you to fulfill your needs and obligations.

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