Brand: StairMaster


Product Size

Weight: 126 lbs

The 4400 CL features our upright, rail-less design being our most space efficient, and yet extremely effective machine for a wide range of exercise and conditioning needs.


Upright rail-less configuration encourages an improved exercise posture for the best lower-body workout of any climbing machine. Patented, independent pedal geometry ensures safe, biomechanical correct movement. New computer console motivates you during your workout with different program options and workout statistics. Speed control buttons allow you to increase or decrease the intensity of stepping action at any time during your workout. Space-saving design fits in less than 2'x 4' of floor space. Electronically controlled brake precisely controls the pedal descent from 26 to 174 steps- Includes Polar Heart Rate monitor capability. Stair climbing is a cardiovascular activity, it works to strengthen your heart and lung capacity, it burns calories and tones muscle. On the scale of what burns the most calories, this is second to running. Working out with a stairmaster will focus on toning lower body. Your legs and glutes will be mainly effected by using this machine. If you have never used one before I only recommend starting with around five minutes. Your legs will be sore the next day! The Stairmaster 4400CL features 8 different levels to choose from: 1. Manual 2. Fat Burner 3. Fat Burner+ 4. Steady Pace 5. Rolling Hills 6. Aerobic Train 7. Cross Country 8. Speed Specifications Dimensions: 41" x 22" x 69" Weight: 130 LBS Inc is based in Pawtucket, RI and proudly serves customers throughout the country and across the globe.

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