Brand: Star Trac


The Star Trac Spinner Elite Bike is a serious, durable, easy-to-maintain bikes designed to push the rider beyond preconceived limitations. Designed with all the ergonomic features and capabilities of a real road bike. Designed to make it difficult to decide whether to stare at it or sweat on it. This is Star Trac, after all, and what we expect from our equipment is what spinners expect from themselves; optimum performance and stop-and-stare results.

Get in shape with the Star Trac Spinner Elite Bike! The classic spinner has a powerful chain drive system delivers a realistic riding experience and 20 levels of non-magnetic resistance to ensure a challenging ride. Dual easy access water bottle holders integrated into the traditional Spinner handle design with non-slip grip coating allows for a safe ride. The bike can be stopped in case of an emergency by pressing down on the resistance knob. Staying active has never been easier with the Star Trac Spinner Elite Bike!



  • Frame heavy-duty steel construction with wider stabilizers and larger adjuster feet for maximum stability and durability.
  • Sweat and corrosion resistance powder coat with zinc-rich primer.
  • Stainless steel hardware, plastic chain guard and shroud impervious to sweat and corrosion.
  • Smart Release System: three-piece crank assembly incorporating sealed bearings, and real cycling components for long product life. 
  • Flywheel simulates the movements and feel of real cycling and minimizes the stress on your knees.
  • Resistance Assembly re-engineered with simplified design and components. Inc is based in Pawtucket, RI and proudly serves customers throughout the country and across the globe.

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