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Germany Information for Commercial Gym Owners


Germany has an incredibly vibrant economy with a population of 82 million. Germany is well known for their fine craftsmanship and quality engineering. Our German clients seek Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide because we are able to deliver superior crafted machines at unbeatable prices with fantastic customer service.


Germans love fitness and love working out and staying fit. Fitness is an important aspect in the lives of German citizens. At Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide we have fantastic deals on cardio equipment, strength equipment, functional trainers, gym packages and more. We have over 20 years experience in outfitting commercial gyms in over 100 countries. Germany is one of our top international client bases.


International Fitness Equipment for Germany


Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide has successfully completed thousands of transactions throughout the globe. We go through great lengths to ensure satisfaction of our international clients at every point. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee our customer’s are happy with our service. Our remanufactured process turns old and worn out fitness equipment into like new and completely functional pieces. We have successful clients in Austria, Australia, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Bulgaria, Brazil, Bahamas, China, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia and more.


Fitness Equipment for Germany


Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide offers a team of experienced and knowledgeable associates that aim to satisfy your purchase requirements. Our company offers an wide assortment of fitness equipment pieces that can be customized to fit your specific budget. With over 20 years in the remanufactured fitness equipment industry, our experiences will ensure that you receive the highest quality equipment pieces available. Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide offers new pieces as well as remanufactured equipment. Please consult with John to determine stock availability.


For special orders, we will procure your specific piece of fitness equipment from our existing chain of relationships and deliver it to you. This process normally takes 6-8 weeks to procure and remanufacture the piece. Our remanufacturing technicians will receive older and worn equipment and give it a complete overhaul to ensure that every piece is in working order. This is our competitive advantage and how we are able to sell at a discount and save our customers 70% off retail prices.


Fitness Centers in Germany


There are numerous fitness centers located throughout Germany. Germany has approximately 6200 privately owned fitness centers most of which are small non-franchised operations. Here is what a few of the bigger fitness centers offer:




McFit is located in 89 cities throughout Germany. They are open 24 hours and 7 days a week. McFit offers one of the least expensive gyms in Germany with the most extensive opening hours. The gym set-up is a based on a color-coded training system separated by color zones.


Kaifu Lodge


This gym is located in Hamburg Germany. The Kaifu Lodge is a high-end fitness center and spa with a free climbing area, squash courts, restaurant and four studios that offer over 200 courses per week. The gym has cardio machines, 70 Cybex strength training machines, a free weight area and a stretching area. The spa facilities include 2 indoor pools, one heated outdoor pool, 4 Finnish saunas, steam bath, ice room, Kneipp zone, fire place room, tanning benches and massage areas. The courses offered cover 40 different fitness/dance possibilities which include yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi etc.


Other Germany Fitness Information


Almost all fitness clubs offer a free trial session which will give you an opportunity to walk through your potential routine with a trainer and familiarize yourself with the machines you may not be know how to use. If you have not been for a workout for some time, suffer from any chronic illness or are older than 35, do consult a physician before signing up at any gym. Once you have had a chance to check things out, make sure the gym hours, the equipment offered and the course selection meets your needs.


Germany’s health care system will pay for some specialized fitness classes such as gymnastics for seniors or pregnant women, baby and children’s classes, back training, etc… Each course must be of a specific duration and run over a set number of weeks to qualify. Consult your insurance provider before you sign up to ensure that your course fit the prerequisites.


If, however, the thought of pumping iron is not for you but hiking is, why not try Volksmarching? Volksmarching is a form of organized walking that involves registration for a small fee at the beginning and a trinket at the end with refreshments! The routes vary from 10 km – 30 km. The only thing you need is a sturdy pair of shoes or boots. At sign up you will be given a card to be stamped at specific checkpoints en route. The trinket, which is typically a medal or a small figurine, is your reward for completing the walk. Volksmarches can take you to various locations throughout Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria and are a wonderful way to see the countryside on foot and get fit!


For further information about fitness centers in Germany, please consult