International Fitness Equipment Sales Inc is a company specializing in remanufactured cardio and strength equipment. We focus on assuring our clients quality commercial gym equipment to all International destinations.


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We understand that it may be difficult to choose a supplier from across international waters, but Inc has been successfully providing equipment to clients all over the world for over 20 years. We have proven over the years that we are a reliable source for all your fitness equipment needs. We also know that everyone wants the best product possible for the most competitive price and the least headaches; and we strive to provide our International customers with just that. Inc will provide you with quality commercial American gym equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Our International Sales Department has the capability to assist our clients with any and all fitness needs to make their project a success. We’ve had success across the globe, having sold and shipped products to every continent besides Antarctica. Although remanufacturing is our forte, we have the ability to provide you with new equipment solutions at industry competitive rates as well. Remember, we are always just a phone call away from providing you with our superb customer service.


This process begins when you get in touch with our International Sales Department. If you provide us with a detailed list of your needs, we will do everything in our power to fill them in a timely manner.


The lead time for international sales is typically 6 weeks to remanufacture and prepared for shipping. However, some larger orders may require more time to fulfill.


Our remanufacturing process is safe and environmentally conscious. Purchasing remanufactured fitness equipment doesn’t just save you money; it helps reduce waste and refuse.

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A room full of **new** treadmills.

We do all remanufacturing on site from start to finish, which ensures that your products are carefully monitored by us throughout the whole remanufacturing process. First, our certified technicians strip and rebuild the machines, replacing any parts which do not meet production standards. Machines are then restored cosmetically, receiving new overlays, paint, and stickers as needed. Following the remanufacturing process, the machines are individually tested to ensure they run, look and perform just as well as they did when they were brand new.

We work hard to get you the lowest rates possible for freight costs and arrange shipping your equipment from port to port. We will work with your company’s shipping coordinators to ensure this entire process will go as smoothly as possible; from our warehouse to your facilities.


We encourage our clients to visit our production facility which is located in Plainville, MA an hour away from Logan International Airport. At any time during the production process you may visit us and view your products’ progress. We will make arrangements for pick up and transportation to our facilities.

A room full of new and remanufactured treadmills, ellipticals, and other exercise equipment.

International Fitness Equipment Shipping Inc has successfully completed thousands of transactions throughout the globe. We go through great lengths to ensure satisfaction of our international clients at every point. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee our customer’s are happy with our service. Our remanufactured process turns old and worn out fitness equipment into like new and completely functional pieces. We have successful clients in AustriaAustraliaArgentina, Armenia, Aruba, Bulgaria, Brazil, Bahamas, China, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia and more.

International Service Inc offers a team of experienced and knowledgeable associates that aim to satisfy your purchase requirements. Our company offers an wide assortment of fitness equipment pieces that can be customized to fit your specific budget. With over 20 years in the remanufactured fitness equipment industry, our experiences will ensure that you receive the highest quality equipment pieces available. Inc offers new pieces as well as remanufactured equipment. Please consult with the Head of Sales to determine stock availability.


For special orders, we will procure your specific piece of fitness equipment from our existing chain of relationships and deliver it to you. This process normally takes 6-8 weeks to procure and remanufacture the piece. Our remanufacturing technicians will recieve older and worn equipment and give it a complete overhaul to ensure that every piece is in working order. This is our competitive advantage and how we are able to sell at a discout and save our customers 70% off retail prices.

Why Purchase Remanufactured Fitness Equipment?

Purchasing remanufactured fitness equipment is an strong opportunity for new and existing gym owners to reduce costs on a tight budget while supplying their equipment facility with equipment from popular gym equipment brands. Brands like Hammer Strength, Matrix, Cybex, Life Fitness are available for prices 70% less than our competitors. Our company, Inc works to save our clients as much as $250,000. These savings can be passed on to members of your gym an opportunity to increase membership. These savings can mean the difference between a failed gym and a successful gym. From a pricing perspective, our offerings will translate extremely well for new gym facilities.


Each piece of equipment from our suppliers enters a rigorious 3 week remanufacturing station. Gym equipment pieces are meticulously inspected by certified component specialists and broken down to its most fundamental structures. Gym equipment is then clean, sanded, polished, oiled and assembled to perform in complete working order. Our pieces are then carefully packed and shipped to their destination. Inc is the source for the highest quality and functional pre-owned commercial gym equipment. Our mission is to exceed our customers expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction. Inc will never compromise the customer experience. We have satisfied thousands of customers through our relentless pursuit to provide remanufactured equipment at an affordable price…equipment that is clean, serviceable, attractive and completely functional and we look forward to working with you.

For more information or to get started with a sale please email [email protected]

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