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Life Fitness Optima/Insignia Package - $75,000.00 (As Is/Functional)

Optima Circuit: Abdominal, Row, Leg Ext, Bicep, Tricep, Seated Leg Curl, Shoulder Press, Lat Pull Down, Leg Press, Chest press

Insignia Circuit: Tricep, Bicep, Shoulder Press, Back Ext, Row, Lat Pulldown, Chest Press, Pec/Rear Delt, Seated Leg Curl, Leg Ext, Leg Press Calf, Rotary, Torso, Abdominal, Glute, Abductor, Adductor, Abs Co. Abd Bench, Ab Coaster:

Cardio Equipment:

15 Cybex 625 Treadmills

8 Cybex 626 Arcs





* Call for Remanufactured Pricing & Pictures

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