Brand: Cybex





Package 3:

Cybex VR3 Leg Press- 1

Cybex VR3 Hip Adduction- 1

Cybex VR3 Abduction- 1

Cybex VR3 Abdominal-1

Cybex VR3 Back Extension-1

Cybex VR3 Leg Curl-1

Cybex VR3 Leg Extension- 1

Cybex VR3 Torso Rotation- 1

Cybex VR3 Arm Extension- 1

Cybex VR3 Arm Curl- 1

Cybex VR3 Row- 1

Cybex VR3 Pulldown- 1

Cybex VR3 Overhead Press- 1

Cybex VR3 Chest Press- 1

Cybex VR3 Pec/Rear Delt- 1


Life Fitness CLST Treadmill- 20

Life Fitness CLSX Elliptical- 20

Cybex 626A Arc Trainer- 16

Life Fitness CLSR Recumbent Bike – 6

Life Fitness CLSC Upright Bike- 5

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