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4 x Cybex Recumbent 530

15 x Cybex 770t E3 Treadmill 

3 x Cybex 530 Upright

1 x Cybex 770 Upright Bike e3

6 x Cybex Arc 630

4 x Cybex Arc 620

2 x Precor 546 Experience Elliptical

2 x Precor 576 Experience Elliptical

2 x Life Fitness Inspire Elliptical

1 x Cybex Eagle Leg Curl

1 x Cybex Eagle Leg Press

1 x Cybex Eagle Lat Pull

1 x Cybex Eagle Chest

1 x Cybex Eagle Adduction

1 x Cybex Eagle Abduction

1 x Cybex Eagle Glute

1 x Cybex Eagle Row

1 x Cybex Eagle Shoulder

1 x Cybex Eagle Leg Extension

1 x Cybex Eagle Triceps

1 x Cybex Eagle Pec Fly

1 x Cybex Eagle Curl

1 x Cybex Eagle Low Back

1 x Cybex Eagle Abdominal

1 x 5-50 GPI Dumbbells with Rack

1 x Cybex Stool

3 x  Cybex Dumbbell Rack

2 x Cybex Adjustable Bench

2 x Cybex Cage

2 x Cybex Flat Bench

1 x Hyperextension

1 x Abdominal Board

1 x VKR

1 x Squat Rack

1 x Olympic Flat

1 x Olympic Incline

1 x Olympic Decline

1 x Leg Press

1 x Calf Machine

1 x Cybex Platform

1 x Dumbbells 50- 100 lbs

Rebirth Fitness is based in Williston Park, NY and proudly serves customers throughout the country and across the globe.

Reach out for more information by calling us toll-free at 866-965-4653 or write to us via email through our secured contact page.