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Package 4 - Eagle Circuit, Cardio & Extras

(As/Is Functional)


Cybex Eagle Circuit
(22 units) -
(As/Is - Functional)
Cybex Eagle: Leg Curl, Leg Ext, Calf, Leg Press, Glute, Fly/Rear Delt, Arm Extension, Bicep, Incline Pull, Shoulder Press, Chest Press, Abdominal, Torso, Incline Chest, Overhead Press, Lat Pulldown, Lateral Raise, Arm Curl, Row, Back Ext, VR3 Adduction, VR3 Abduction

Pics of Cybex Circuit (below):

Cardio Pieces:

(8)Precor 576 Elliptcals , (10) Precor 546 Ellipticals, (8) Precor AMTs, (15) Precor 833 Treadmills, (3) Precor 776 Stairclimber, (3) Precor 846 Upright Bikes, (1) SciFit UBE,    (5) Precor Recumbent Bikes

Additional Items/Free Weights:

Life Fitness Cable Crossover

Life Fitness MJ4

Star Trac 45 degree Hyper extension

Life Fitness VKR w/Bosu

Life Fitness Abdominal Board


Hammer Olympic (2) Flat, (1) Incline, (1) Decline, (1)Shoulder

(1) Flat Utility, (1) Preacher, (1) Hammer Smith, (1) Flat to 90

Free Weights/Racks:

Fixed Barbell Rack - 20lb - 110 (10# increments)

(4) Plate Trees


Additional pictures available upon request


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