Helix H1000 Lateral Trainer - Remanufactured

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The new Programmable Helix H1000 is the latest version of the Original Helix Aerobic Lateral Trainer. This latest version of our Original Helix adds the benefits of a Multi-Program Console and automatic electronic resistance control. This Helix delivers the same muscle-sculpting results as the original Helix. Results normally achieved only via weight training---while burning fat and toning the cardiovascular system at the same time.

A 2012 study versus an elliptical show Helix had superior results in 7 out of 8 muscles studied, with 40% more glute activation and 23% faster achievement of targeted heart rates.

Typical machines focus mostly on the front of the thighs and the hamstrings, but the Helix targets these while simultaneously recruiting the inner and outer thighs and glutes. Users can effortlessly alternate direction and positioning to pinpoint specific muscles. Superb for sports-specific training, especially tennis, skiing and golf. At a compact 42” x 37” footprint, the Helix is considerably smaller than a treadmill.

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