Brand: Various

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE- Pieces are going fast!!


Nautilus Seated Dip $800
Cybex Back Ext $500
BM Incline Press $400
Cybex Arm Extension $500
Cybex Tricep Extension $500
Cybex Hip Abduction $500
Cybex Hip Adductor $500
Streamline Adductor $500
Streamline Abductor $500
Strive Low Back Extension $500
Cybex Lateral Raise $750
Nautilus Nitro Overhead Press $750
Cybex Eagle Incline Press $500
Cybex Eagle Shoulder Press $500
Cybex VR3 Fly $500
Techno Gym Glute $1000
Life Fitness Leg Press $800
Anterior Stretch Trainer $900
Posterior Stretch Trainer $900


BENCHES- Call for price!

Buy 10 or more at the following Prices

Cybex 625 treadmills-$550- (15 available)
Life Fitness CLST treadmills-$700- (48 available)
Life Fitness CLSX ellipticals-$650- (27 available)
Cybex 626 Arcs-$825- (42 available)
Cybex 625 recumbents-$425- (11 available)
Precor AMT 100i -$700- (15 available)
Magnum cable column- $750
Cybex Classic Horiz leg press- $750
Cybex adjustable cable crossover- $750
Marpo rope climber- $900
Nautilus Nitro plus preacher curl- $750
Life Fitness Pro seated leg press- $900
Cybex with assisted chin dip(rem only)- $1595
Hoist seated leg press- $800
Life Fitness leg press/calf- $800
2 Free Motion abdominal- $800ea
Techno Gym selection glute- $900
Free Motion bicep- $500
Cybex VR3 abdominal- $850
Free Motion shoulder press- $800
Free Motion dual lat pull down- $800
Cybex classic shoulder press- $500
Hammer MTS abdominal- $900


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