Used Fitness Equipment

Used Fitness Equipment by Inc Inc is a leader in  used fitness equipment for offices, gyms, schools, universites, condos, apartments, government facilities, fire departments and more. Our used fitness equipment is remanufactured to last. Benefits of purchasing used fitness equipment that is remanufactured by Rebirth Fitness include affordability, low cost, convenience, ease of customer service, quality components, and top brands names. Inc has over 20 years experience in remanufacturing used fitness equipment that has been used by gyms across the world. We have helped thousands of gyms over the last 20 years obtain quality brand name equipment at a fraction of the price of retail fitness equipment. Used fitness equipment provides the flexibility for commercial gyms to utilize resources in purchasing marketing materials, building out facilities, hiring employees and more. The best thing a commercial gym can do is purchase used fitness equipment.

About Used Fitness Equipment by Inc

Used fitness equipment is a term used to describe fitness equipment that is salvaged from existing or closed fitness centers. Inc purchased this used fitness equipment and resells the piece at a discount on our website after our technicians have inspected the piece and remanufactured it. Remanufacturing used fitness equipment is a process that takes about 4-6 weeks to complete. Machines are stripped to its bare components as necessary, and then restored cosmetically, receiving new overlays, paint, and stickers as needed.

Reasons to buy Used Fitness Equpiment

One of the strongest reasons to purchase used fitness equipment is that it reduces the cost for commerical gym owners as they build their gym memberships. There are so many variables and costs to consider especially for the inexperienced. Therefore it is extremely wise to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Remanufactured fitness equipment provides a strong subsitute to new fitness equipment.

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