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The 5 Best Treadmills to use

Treadmills are the best known and used machines for cardiovascular exercise. The moving like pavement lets you walk or try out different running techniques allowing you to focus on losing weight, getting toned or improving your cardiovascular capacity

Here our top treadmill picks

Cybex 550 T Pro III Treadmill

The low, clean style of the Cybex Pro3 Treadmill looks incredible in the gym and the low step-up of just 7.5 inches is less intimidating if you’re new to working out. With a lot of programmes to satisfy the serious runner, this running machine is simple to use for even the occasional user. And programmes can be changed on the fly so there’s no starting over if you want to raise or lower the intensity of the training. You are sure to appreciate the convenience features of the dual water bottle holders, utility tray, and Quick Start function and there are more features than just that which make this a truly great treadmill.

Life Fitness 93T Cardio Treadmill

The Life Fitness 93T Cardio Treadmill is easy to use, with features like Quick Start, on-the-fly programming, and a lower level console that places most-often-used controls close to the user allowing for workout management without the need to move reading material.

Life Fitness 95Te Treadmill w/ LCD Screen

The Life Fitness 95Te, this machine had excellent electronics! It features the E³ Integrated LCD™ System which has a touch screen technology for easier adjustment of workouts. It is also FM ready and has up to 125 available TV channels to keep your clients entertained during their exercise.

Matrix T5x Treadmill

The exclusive Ultimate Deck System™ absorbs impact for the best possible feel and the Dynamic Responsive Drive System™, coupled with advanced controller technology, continuously monitors and adjusts to user foot fall.

Precor 956i Experience Treadmill

The Precor 956i Experience treadmill brings the advanced features of treadmill technology and modern style together! There are 26 different programs available on the 956i and they are interchangeable on while in the process of use, so you can always keep things interesting. This Precor treadmill also lets you monitor your heart beat continuously through out your workout just by placing your hands on the sensors in the handgrip. The speed on this treadmill ranges from .5 to 16 MPH and the maximum incline is 15.

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