How to Build a Home Gym

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1) Understand Your Space

Before purchasing your fitness equipment, it’s important to understand the space for which you will be adding equipment to. Have an idea of what kind of exercises you will want to perform as well as the requirements for your gym. Will you have the room, the atmosphere, and the comfort for adding a particular exercise piece? Think about it.

2) Barbell and Weights are King

The most important aspect for a home gym is the barbell and weights. There are two types of barbells: standard and Olympic. Standard bars are one inch in diameter, with 1-inch holes through the plates. They’re fair for light applications but aren’t suitable for heavy lifting. The bars bend easily and usually can’t hold more than 200 pounds.

Olympic bars are typically 7 feet long with a rotating, 2-inch-diameter sleeve. These bars are made for heavy weight and big, ugly, compound lifts.

Good bars and weights can be a little costly. Call us and we may have product in stock at substantially lower prices than our competitors.

3) Get a Power Rack 

Power racks are the centerpiece of a great home gym. Nearly any important exercise can be done with a power rack, and they add considerable measures of safety. Although they take up space, they are totally worth it. Consider making space for a power rack.

4) Acquire a Bench 

Certain exercises require you to lie down. Benches are great but vary in size and quality. Shop around for decent prices or call us and save all the hassle.

5) Get Dumbbells

Dumbbells are versatile for many options and are a must for your home gym. 


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