Brand: Wreckbag


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35lb Wreck bag XT - $139.95

Wreck bag XT is available 15lb - 50lb (prices vary)

Benefits Of The Wreck Bag


- Wreck Bags are designed to target both primary and secondary/ stabilizer muscles. As the weight shift around inside the Wreck Bag you are forced to activate muscles that get ignored by traditional barbells and dumbbells, making Wreck Bag workouts more effective!


You can complete up to 100+ exercises using only ONE tool! From upper body curls and presses to lower body lunges and squats, Wreck Bag's got you covered


- Whether you workout indoors or outdoors, Wreck Bag is built to handle the most rugged workouts. Wreck Bag's use a unique poly-propelene outer material and have reinforced stitching throughout the product, making it more durable than any other bag on the market. Inc is based in Pawtucket, RI and proudly serves customers throughout the country and across the globe.

Reach out for more information by calling us toll-free at 866-965-4653 or write to us via email through our secured contact page.